About Alireza Azimi

Alireza Azimi
(Architect & Bim Manager)
Alireza Azimi was born on 30 August 1993 in Tehran.He is an Architecture academic graduate from Soore University.
Nowdays field of his studies is Architecture, Economic  and Management.He instructs Autodesk Revit in Soore University since 2016.Alireza Azimi is an Architect and
BIM manager in SoroorStudio.
One of their important purposes is interaction between Architecture with Structure and Equipment that it is called
BIM (Building Information Modeling). BIM is one of the most important Building sides in the world.In their projects Shid Asb Kian Maneje was designed with BIM.
Shid Asb Kian Maneje was candidate for winning the 2A Asia Architecture Award 2017.