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Shid Asb Kian Manege is located in Lavasan. Design of this project began 1395 with SoroorStudio participation.The  Manege design was done by EPC. In this project Dr.AmirHossein Soroor was project manager.

Lavasan Manege Design

Covering a Horse Riding Manege (1500m^2), inspired by horse related items, was designed based on optimization these constraints: rapid and low-cost design and construction (less than 6 months, $57000) by local contractors with advanced design technique in mountainous area without stopping the benefit of the manege,compatibility with the site and keeping trees using architectural structure and structural architecture,bearing serviceability loads. The local snow and wind loads were controlled by the idea so that cables yield before the failure of the steel supportive truss and concrete base. Because of the low mass and suspended roof,the earthquake on this structure would not be significant harmful effect.


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